The new Informix Version 14.10 is faster!

Significant performance improvements in SDS, RSS and HDR minor updates – up to 5x more.

OLTP transaction performance: up to 10% faster than 12.10

• Java UDR performance improvements – up to 40% faster

• JSON and REST listener performance improvements – up to 2x faster

• JDBC smart large object access speed improvements: over 60%

Log replay performance improvements

Sending and applying transactions to secondary instances (RSS, SDS, HDR) have been optimized for performance under high load conditions.

• Performance tests show up to a 5x increase in performance over Informix v.12, benefiting all customers using these data availability solutions.

• Similar improvement seen in crash recovery performance.

New configuration parameters for performance tuning

• ‘onstat –g laq’ to show replication latency and replay rate of the record.

The new Informix Version 14.10 is more secure!

The external keystore provides increased security for encryption keys. Integrated encryption for onbar and ontape backups.

• Informix backup and restore utilities now have the ability to internally encrypt and decrypt your storage.
• On-Bar, ontape, archecker, onlog utilities are supported.
• Data in dbspace, blobspace, smart blobspace, and log log backup can be encrypted.
• The Amazon AWS Key Management Service (KMS) is used to generate and store encryption keys for your backups.
• The encryption key is itself encrypted and stored together with the data.
• The same utilities also provide an easy way to encrypt and decrypt data using a locally provided static encryption key.
• Latest encryption support.
• Smart Trigger audit trail.