Migrating and reengineering applications from Axional 4GL to Web

Deister Software offers you the solution for the conversion of Informix 4GL features: business logic, forms and reports to a new web environment with the most advanced technology of the moment. It is also difficult to find support staff and there is a decrease in support in the market by third parties, and this causes an increase in maintenance costs.

  • Page perfect documents: Often output data needs to be printed using a specific layout.
  • Business reports: Modernize complex business reports, having many sections, groups, graphs and maps. You can include advanced and qualified electronic signatures
  • Monitoring tool: The Axional Suite provides specific consoles to get a deep view of server internals using any of the available interfaces (Eclipse SWT, WEB or TCP).
  • Includes electronic signature: Support for mass signature devices (HSM) via PKCS#11 and author’s signature (MDP).
  • Dashboards: Axional Studio includes a Dashboard Builder and developers can quickly enable their end users to access the data they need, when they need it.
  • Axional Business Intelligence Suite: This is a comprehensive set of tools.
  • Axional Visual Discovery: A powerful Dashboard to display interactively multi-dimensional graphics with embedded Time Evolution of represented magnitudes.
  • Geospatial tools: Enterprise data most of the time have a component that can be tied to a place.
  • Connectivity and integration: Axional Integration Bus is an Enterprise Services Bus (ESB).
  • Monitoring tool: For Informix DB, Axional Studio includes a specific plug-in for the monitoring tool zabbix.
Get tangible results in a very short time:
  • Web forms.
  • Powerful tool to produce reports.
  • Additional components like Portals, customized desktops, OLAP, …
  • No need to modify the DB.
  • Migrated components will coexist with current 4GL without interference.
  • Get your mission critical applications ready for the next 10-15 years.
  • Reap the benefits of modern architectures (multi-tenant, cloud ready, secure, highly scalable…).
  • Take advantage of Axional’s pre-packaged components and provide your users with a bunch of new features and capabilities.
  • Mobile access: Empower individual users providing them with a portable and user-friendly access to enterprise applications.
  • Using a transitional period, the migration will be smooth and without disruptions.

Let’s get started.