With this advanced-level seminar aimed at analysts, programmers and DBAs, some advanced features of Informix are worked on and administration mechanisms are studied

Training Workshops Informix Administration

By the end of the seminar, attendees will be able to:

  • Configure the server to allow local and remote connections
  • Use Informix utilities to supervise server activity
  • Describe shared memory components and configure component size
  • Identify disk architecture components of the database server
  • Create dbspaces, blobspaces and sbspaces and add chunks to these spaces
  • Explain the purpose of physical logs and logical logs, as well as supervising logging activity
  • View individual transactions that are written in logical log files
  • Learn the importance of checkpoints on the server
  • Explain and understand the purpose of the temporary spaces used by the server
  • Monitor resources utilized in user sessions
  • Use different issue resolution techniques to identify and solve common problems
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