The volume and complexity of databases and data collected by Enterprise organisations rise rapidly. That means that security, reliability, disaster recovery, high availability and monitoring are more important than ever.

Increasingly, organisations have a DBA (Database Administrator) requirement with high experience and up to date on technical skills, but do not have the need or the budget for a full time qualified resource.

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Like most organisations, your Informix databases are the centre of your information systems

Our Database Administrators are technically qualified people dedicated to the maintenance of Informix databases, including data quality, DR, HA and performance.

Virtual Administrator service is a remote database monitoring and support service that is designed to cost effectively maintain the availability and performance of the Informix instances in your environment.

Our services range from preventive monitoring with bottleneck analysis, direct integration into escalation and alerting, up to 7×24 support for systems with high availability. This includes short reaction times and fixed contact persons in our support.

For monitoring we use the ” Deister Sentinel for Informix” which is an advanced tool with statistics retention, bottleneck analysis, incidents prevention and problem escalation features. This tool is capable of monitoring more than 400 simultaneous server parameters on each Informix instance and reporting any current incident or proactively warn about future issue causes.