Managing Complex Informix DB Environments with DB-Studio

Axional DB-Studio is a high-performance graphical tool for Informix database administration and development. Specially designed for enterprise use, its comprehensive set of features make it ideal for DBA and developers looking for an easy-to-use, integrated application for database management.

It comes with two types of user interface: Windows-style (for Mac, Windows and Linux) and Web interface. In both cases, Axional DB-Studio allows DBAs to perform administrative tasks in the fastest, easiest and most efficient way.

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Key Features

Managing Informix configurations, including High Availability environments.

Analyzing space utilization by any object level (drive, database, table…) and forecasting disk space exhaustion.

Memory management: Shared memory, Memory segments, Cache memory…

Backup and restore management.

Easy management of Informix objects.

Effective security management.

The SQL Explorer can be used to perform query drill-down.

This tool uses SQL tracing to gather statistical information about each SQL statement executed on the system and shows the statement history.

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Performance tuning:

To ensure performance, the tool allows the monitoring of performance indicators related to Server, Database and Table activities.

Key indicators are shown graphically, allowing DBAs to more easily identify issues and deliver measurable results.

They can also click on sections of the graph to drill down on specific issues to troubleshoot quickly.

Object Explorer:

The database objects explorer shows a hierarchical view of database objects, like Schemas, tables, Columns, Privileges, Triggers, and so on.

The Object Explorer includes features for comparing databases and for Database Version Control.

Its Diagram Designer automatically draws the Entity Relationship diagrams of selected objects.

Performance Statistics:

Axional DB-Studio automatically collects statistics of the server and Informix performances.

If provides with graphical comparison of statistics over different time periods to find performance bottlenecks.

The tool facilitates insights from historical data to discover trends of performance metrics over time.

Query Editor

Using Axional DB-Studio, users can run SQL statements on any selected database. Multiple statements can be executed, including transaction control of statements. The Editor actions includes:

  • Run SQL statements
  • Stop ongoing execution of SQL statements
  • Open history view with last and favorite queries
  • Undo the most recent editor action
  • Redo the most recent editor action
  • The Editor has the capability to work with in-memory accelerators (IWA).