Avoid Total or Partial collapse of your applications with deister disaster recovery

Higher cost, decreased productivity, and ultimately, loss of end-user and customer confidence. While many organizations have backup and recovery policies in place, often those programs have not been recently verified or backup media is not externalized with a proper policy.

Deister can provide complete database replication solutions, which allows to externalize an updated copy of database server, instantly available in case of main datacenter failure. We deliver:

  • Server storing a continuous copy of your data and programs to run your main business activity
  • Disaster recovery planning
  • Services to design, pilot and implement continuous external backup and disaster recovery policies
  • Database online remote synchronization
  • System monitoring to identify or prevent issues

Let’s get started.

Avoid collapse Total or Partial of your applications

Our continuous backup and disaster recovery services help ensure your organization will experience:

Reduced downtime and minimize impact in the event of a disaster.

Greater efficiency by allowing instant switch over the backup servers.

Increased security and minimal performance impact in your current servers.

Continuous up to date databases available in an external venue.


All of these services and technological architectures can seem overwhelming, but the layout and arrangement of these services have key cost and operational benefits for organizations. Major benefits include:

  • No new investment : There is little to no upfront investment required.
  • Ensured testing : Testing to make sure a Disaster Recovery plan is effective is vital for any organization.
  • More flexible : DRaaS gives mid-sized businesses the ability to adapt to a changing IT environment and business needs.
  • Pay as you go : Companies can start by protecting a handful of critical servers and grow over time.

The service contains three basic steps:

The best solution for avoiding downtime and data loss in a production environment is to implement a preventive maintenance strategy before problems occur and our disaster recovery as a service allows you to keep your data safe and available in front of any disaster.


Images of the customer’s servers are created and stored as warm-standby VMs in our Data Center. A dedicated line of communication is configured between both environments. During this process, IP addressing, VLANs and other elements are defined for the recovery environment.


Our technicians work with the customer to launch a replication that continually copies data changes in the customer environment to the cloud. We offer two options (see table): Fast Recovery Time (HDR or RSS) and Medium Recovery Time (rsync).


Upon declaration of a DR (or a test), the VMs are ready for use immediately. Customers then have access to their environment through a portal providing console access for any testing or management they need to perform.