The Washington Area Informix Users Group (WAIUG) will be holding its meeting via the IIUG Tech Talks channel on December 7.

Great news! The IIUG and IBM have selected the Informix content to be offered at IBM TechXchange Conference EMEA 2024 in Barcelona.

The IIUG worked with IBM to offer the following sessions:

• Informix Product Roadmap – Scott Pickett and Carlton Doe
• Things Fail! – Getting Serious About Redundancy! – Tom Girsch
• Capturing Data Changes from IBM Informix into your applications without polling using IBM Informix – Art Kagel
• Informix, the Database that does so much more – Mike Walker
• Informix and JDBC – ETL and DBA tools, tricks and traps – Proficio
• Understanding how to use Informix asynchronous post commit triggers – Carlton Doe, IBM
• The data integration between, IBM Informix and Siemens journey into the MetaVerse – Henri Cujass and Mahran Meissner from Siemens
• Database Operations (DbOps) – Davorin Kremenjas and Marin Rasic

Database Operations (DbOps) – Davorin Kremenjas and Marin Rasic

We look forward to seeing you there.