Do you need to delegate the maintenance of your databases?

Visit this website, where you can get to know all the support and 24 x 7 x 365 maintenance services that our team of DBAs (Database Administrator) can offer to you.

More and more companies need to be able to outsource the maintenance and support services of their Databases. The concept of virtual DBA is a service model designed to address this important issue, in day-to-day companies activity. Thus, having a team of DBA’s experts under a 24x7x365 subscription, offers a great guarantee for your business systems. The figure of a full time DBA is not always necessary due to irregular workload or the budget in companies, so having a trusted partner for daily administration, or for a third level support, means an important value to the IT teams of the companies.

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The advantages of hiring a Virtual DBA service

Expert advice

Hourly coverage and customized SLAs

Support for your Development team

Quick and qualified response

Cost reduction

Evolutionary maintenance