Helping Businesses

deister software

Founded in Barcelona, deister software develops technology and cloud applications for businesses.

Our products are widely used by companies in many different sectors and are proven in mission-critical environments every day.

We have a strong foundation in database and web application development, especially around IBM Informix & DB2 databases, Java, Android™ and geospatial engines.


Mission and vision

Adopting the highest ethical standards in all of our business practices.


Providing our clients with high-quality products and services.

Our team

A highly qualified team, endorsed by a functional and operational structure.

Let’s Get Started

Assertively brand ethical meta-services after fully tested customer service. Completely orchestrate intuitive communities through superior markets.

Born at the end of the 80’s, deister have a presence in Spain, Mexico, Colombia and Peru.

Capital: 100% Privately held
Team: +100 employees
Financial leverage: 100% self investment
Average team age: 34
Annual investment in R&D: +1M €
Staff turnover: <3%

Deister’s staff has been chosen by IBM developers as a primary source for new feature requests, thanks to our extensive experience and the knowledge of internal and user requirements, allowing us to influence the development roadmap.

Deister recognizes that one of our most fundamental values is the local vision that an extensive network of partners can offer to a large account. Clients, particularly SMEs, conduct their business in a local environment. Hence, a localized vision with direct contact is an indispensable requirement to cover their needs and to get off the ground a purchasing process. We currently work with a network of partners at both the national and international levels, and we continue developing our growth policy.