FedeFarma Gains 10 to 15 percent lift in sales and reduces hardware expenditures by 30%.

Deister teamed with FedeFarma to implement a new ERP solution based on IBM Informix database whit the objective to provide warehouses with real-time information, full control of traceability and optimized operations to increase productivity with the objective to offer FedeFarma’s customers a first class service.

The legacy system used by FedeFarma could not replicate the data in the company’s warehouses fast enough to fulfill pharmacy orders immediately and effectively.

Not having a reliable system and fast information management, frequent losses of sales occurred. Deister helped FedeFarma implement a new ERP solution under the IBM Informix database, which provided warehouses with real-time data to quickly fulfill customer orders and provide immediate information for agile decision making.

Using Deister’s Axional ERP and IBM Informix solutions, FedeFarma achieved significant cost savings (30 percent fewer staff to administer the database, saving US $ 180,000 in salaries) and a 20% increase in productivity (between 10 % – 15% increase in sales and 20% less errors).»